Welcome SLC Alumni!

There’s an old saying: “If you want advice, ask for money. If you want money, ask for advice.

Well we’re doing both, because we believe that the students who are following in your footsteps at St. Lawrence College can benefit from BOTH your financial support, and your wisdom.

Please take a few moments to share your advice with the students who have followed you. It can be as simple as what courses you wish you had paid more attention in, or how to smooth the transition from school to work. You have a wealth of experience to share, so please do!

In turn, we’ll share your advice with our students. We’ve created a display on each campus, and in addition to displaying your messages electronically on this site and through our social media, we’re going to post a few for the passing parade.

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Ryan Carrier

Graphic Design 2005

The Graphic Design Program provided the fundamental skills, and experience I required to apply myself within the industry. One of the most important practices I learned here was continued learning. Applying the core skills and techniques to multiple areas of my professional experience has allowed me to accommodate a larger market and subsequently create my own business doing it.. If I knew then .. I would have focused less on my predetermined preferences, and more time challenging them.

Kris Ward

Business Management 1992

Embrace the journey. Life takes twists & turns. Seek the benefit & learning experience in everything you do. When I was a student, I always tried to excel, and thought my life would be the path I set out, however changes and circumstances happen and sometimes lead to new and better opportunities. You have to be flexible and embrace the skills you have & continue to embrace new learning experiences. Pay it forward. Give back when you can, be it in a financial way or as a volunteer. Remember those that supported you and the mentors you met along the way, and be the inspiration for those who follow.

Lucie Gerritzen

Business Administration - Finance 1970

A college diploma may get your foot in the door in your chosen field, but as I found out early you need a degree or designation to be promoted. Not until I enrolled into the CGA (now CPA) was I able to get better paying jobs. Things really change when you get married and have a family (more for women I think). I was also glad that I travelled in Europe for a year right after graduating as I certainly didn't have that privilege later. Also glad that I retired at 55 in a warm climate. Still go back to Ontario every summer as I really love Toronto.